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Home Comfort Financing

Your air conditioning / heating system or hot water heater is important, it affects all aspects of your home. Copeland and Son Air Conditioning and Heating Service, Inc. offers financing through Pinnacle Financial Partners for installation or service repairs for your air conditioning, heating or hot water heater needs.

Financing benefits are as follows:

  • Easy monthly payments
  • A revolving line of credit for all purchasing needs at any time
  • Six months no interest
  • An easy-to-use online bill payment options through Pinnacle Financial Partners

FTL Financing
Choose a Finance Lease or ESC Card


FTL offers up to 84 month replacement plans, 12 Month No Pay Options and More! FTL
is an easy to work with company that makes financing affordable and easily accessable.

FTL Finance has two options fore you when choosing how to finance your HVAC
System. You can pick the one that suits you best on their website.

FTL Lease - The FTL Finance lease is a single installment loan with a one-dollar 
buyout. This product has a fixed term, fixed interest rate and fixed payment.

ESC Card - The FTL ESC Card is qa revolving loan and draws interest daily. The
monthly payment reduces as the borrower pays down the interest.

Requires a 670+ Credit Score in Most Situations

Call Copeland & Son Air Conditioning and Heating Service, Inc. for your financing needs at (615) 244-9520.