Why let your family breathe dirty air?

The Problem

When you turn on your air conditioner, warm air is drawn into your AC unit and cools down before it enters your home. How does the air cool down? It passes over a very cold device called "condenser coils." However, these coils don't just cool off the air, they also collect dirt and debris like a filter - and eventually they become clogged. When that happens, your AC unit has to work extra hard to draw in enough air and cool it - that costs you more money on your energy bill and it could even damage your air conditioner too!

The Copeland and Son Solution

Copeland and Son has a team of experts who are trained at clearing and cleaning your condenser coils. We follow a multi-step process that cleans your coils and ensure your entire A/C system is operating at peak efficiency:

  • We clear all debris from the coil, fan, and other components.
  • We use a specialized spray cleaner specifically designed for coils to provide full air flow.
  • We fully inspect the exterior and interior of the A/C unit, including the coils and all other components, to ensure all elements are undamaged and fully operational.
  • We run the A/C system to verify refrigerant levels, system pressures, and more, are in range to achieve the most efficient performance.

In general, Copeland and Son recommends that you clean your condenser coils at least twice a year, although our experts will assess your specific situation and make a customized recommendation for you.

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Furnace Repair Nashville TN | Copeland and Son Heating and Air Conditioning Service, Inc.
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